Lake District Styled Photoshoot

IMG_1198 IMG_1178 IMG_1172 IMG_1154 IMG_1152vintage IMG_1136 IMG_1127bvintage IMG_1125 IMG_1117 IMG_1115 IMG_1098 IMG_1064 IMG_1042 IMG_1035 IMG_1034 IMG_1027 IMG_1022 IMG_1003 IMG_1002 IMG_0998 IMG_0991 IMG_0981 IMG_0978 _MG_7812 _MG_7808 _MG_7806 _MG_7786 _MG_7775 _MG_7772 _MG_7747 _MG_7742 _MG_7739 _MG_7731 _MG_7725 _MG_7720 _MG_7712 _MG_7706 _MG_7698film _MG_7696 _MG_7695film _MG_7689 _MG_7684 _MG_7675 _MG_7672 _MG_7665 _MG_7664 _MG_7657 _MG_7645 _MG_7640 _MG_7630 _MG_7628 _MG_7622 _MG_7614 _MG_7606 _MG_7597 _MG_7596 _MG_7586 _MG_7582 _MG_7486 _MG_7431 _MG_7413 _MG_7412 _MG_7409 _MG_7408 IMG_1201Its always good to try some new ideas and get creative, which is how this photo shoot came about. It took place at my parents farm in the Lakes on a lovely September day, and I wanted it to have a classic vintage/ country vibe (with some apples thrown in! Many thanks to my lovely models Tara and Adam and to the very talented Teresa at Wild Orchid (Buxton) for providing the stunning bouquets and buttonholes and to my parents for the use of their beautiful farm. I am also thrilled to have had this shoot featured on the lovely ‘Brides Up North’ wedding blog.

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