Jane and Nick’s Lake District Wedding at Augill Castle

Here is the  lovely Lake District wedding of Jane and Nick, it really was the prettiest country wedding with the prettiest details and one of the loveliest wedding cakes ever.IMG_4308 IMG_7490 IMG_4291 IMG_4263 IMG_4236col IMG_4235 IMG_4226 IMG_4220 IMG_4202 IMG_4178 IMG_4172new IMG_4167 IMG_4161 IMG_4142new IMG_4128 IMG_4125new IMG_4122new IMG_4121new IMG_4109 IMG_4087 IMG_4072 IMG_4065new IMG_4045jb IMG_4001 IMG_3996 IMG_3931 IMG_3907 IMG_3886 IMG_3881 IMG_3874 IMG_3851 IMG_3849 IMG_3832 IMG_3811 IMG_3800 IMG_3797 IMG_3792 IMG_3786new IMG_3784 IMG_3779 IMG_3765 IMG_3759 IMG_3757 IMG_3752 IMG_3747 IMG_3731 IMG_3712 IMG_3702 IMG_3699 IMG_3696 IMG_3692 IMG_3686 IMG_3679 IMG_3639 IMG_3627 IMG_3625 IMG_3615 IMG_3597new IMG_3596 IMG_3569new IMG_3568new IMG_3546 IMG_3542 IMG_3531 IMG_3505 IMG_3412 IMG_3489 IMG_3410 IMG_3388 IMG_3372 IMG_3349 IMG_3344 IMG_3342 IMG_3340 IMG_3321 IMG_3318 IMG_3316 IMG_3308jb IMG_3288 IMG_3264 IMG_3261 IMG_3254 IMG_7514

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