Sigal and Alex, Heaton House Farm, Cheshire

IMG_9986 IMG_9963c IMG_9962jb IMG_9943 IMG_9930 IMG_9911vintage IMG_9906 IMG_9693 IMG_9689 IMG_9615 IMG_9608 IMG_9593 IMG_9572 IMG_9548 IMG_9534 IMG_9505 IMG_0448jb IMG_0444vintage IMG_0441 IMG_0408 IMG_0236 IMG_0217vintage IMG_0214 IMG_0193 IMG_0171 IMG_0155 IMG_0055vintage IMG_0050vintage IMG_0042 IMG_0036fineart IMG_0032 IMG_0007vintage IMG_0002 _MG_6609 _MG_6451 _MG_6445 _MG_6411 _MG_6407 _MG_6355 _MG_6293 _MG_6259jb _MG_6252 _MG_6222 _MG_6217 _MG_6202vintage _MG_6201 _MG_6196 _MG_6188 _MG_6166 _MG_6143 _MG_6135 _MG_6097 _MG_6071vintage _MG_5998 _MG_5981 _MG_5974 _MG_5960 _MG_5958vintage _MG_5938 _MG_5924 _MG_5889jb _MG_5887vintage _MG_5877 _MG_5869 _MG_5817 _MG_5756 _MG_5754 _MG_5744 _MG_5716 _MG_5697 _MG_5624 _MG_5621 _MG_5608 _MG_5605 _MG_5566 _MG_5510 IMG_9997
Back to Heaton House Farm for this glorious wedding, Sigal and Alex put so much thought into the details of their wedding, each guest had a pink and white paper bag filled with sweets as a table place and the brides father built a wooden sweet cart to display them all on. The rain held off and we had chance to take a wander around the farm and lane to get some lovely shots in the countryside.

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